Purpose of flash in web

Purpose of flash in web

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Flash is very useful to add great looking yet small sized interactivity to your site. 95% of the world's browsers have the Flash Player plug-in, so you don't have to think about compatibility as long as your movie can be played by lower versions of the Flash Player. Animation capabilities combined with interactivity makes Flash cool.

Success with SEO is highly dependent on the architecture of a website. You can add all the meta tags, content, etc. that you want, but if your website is not search engine friendly, the spiders can’t get to your pages anyway.

Flash websites have one URL, so the engine will not be able to differentiate between different pages on your site. HTML is much easier to read than the text within SWF files.

Flash is NOT recommended for SEO Because:

  • Poor crawlability by search engines
  • Slow website speeds and obstacle to accessing content irritates users
  • No external links
  • Missing HTML tags

Crawlers work very similar to web browsers, But at very high speed. But when crawlers go to flash enable websites. It takes lots of loading time and after crawler’s time up the most of Flash enable web pages left except crawling.

Unlike HTML, external links are not possible using Flash. External links are more important to link web pages on one server to the web pages on the other server. So when robots or crawlers scan flash enable web pages. The scanning will be limited to only one web page not the entire website.

As we know h1, image alternate text and many more are very important HTML tags as search engine point of View. The markup language is fundamentally designed to handle text, and browsers are by nature built to quickly and accurately display HTML pages. But Flash doesn’t Support these tags.


A hybrid approach of HTML with Flash elements is often the best way to satisfy both the need for a "flashy" site and the desire for it to be visible in the search engines.
Flash can be, and often is, used for great effect on the internet, in interactive kiosks, and in many other applications.

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