Contao SOAP Extension

Using contao web services you can synchronize members, categories, products, articles etc data with external sources.


Most businesses that host their website with this system, use the built-in customer database in this system as the default customer database for their business. However there are times when you may want to synchronize your customer database on this system with an external database stored in your office or a 3rd party location. Utilizing the built-in API framework you can build the relevant bridges so you can synchronize the two databases at intervals that suit your business.

This system comes with an extensive web services framework that enables you to develop your own applications that can talk in real-time with this system and retrieve almost any type of information. This article specficially will outline the steps required to build an application that enables you to synchronize your customer list between the two systems.

You will need programming skills to develop such a bridge. You can use any programming language that supports web services to write your applications in that communicate with this system.