Autohorize Payment Gateway

Contao (formerly TYPOlight)

Autohorize Payment Gateway for Contao CMS

Connecting a payment application to the credit card processing networks is difficult, expensive and beyond the resources of most businesses. Instead, you can easily connect to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure secure, fast and reliable transactions.

Advanced Integration Method

The Advanced Integration Method (AIM) is designed for merchants who need a highly customizable payment form (for example, complete control of look and feel and the ability to keep the customer on their website during the entire checkout process) or who are integrating a standalone business application.

Direct Post Method

The Direct Post Method (DPM) is a hosted payment option that allows the user optimal site customization while still relying on Authorize.Net for help with PCI compliance. DPM uses a unique fingerprint to authenticate transactions. So developers customize a secure hosted payment form without needing an SSL certificate. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway handles all the steps in the secure transaction process—payment data collection, data submission and the response to the customer—while keeping Authorize.Net virtually transparent.