Contao Extensions

Extensions are an essential part of Contao, because they allow you to add extra functionality. Currently there are 1249 extensions available in the Contao Extension Repository, which you can browse directly in the back end. Communication with the repository server is done via SOAP, so you need to enable the PHP SOAP extension to use the service (if not enabled by default).

Your new Contao CMS website comes with over 40 Contao extensions (almost 500 are available!) that add features and functions to the system. As you learn to edit your content, you will be able to add more functionality to your website.

Image galleries, YouTube Video player, Web Fonts, extensions to help you position your website on the major search engines, all available with Contao.

Contao Partner Agency

We hold the status of being Contao Programming agency on the Content Management System Contao.

Web design, Programming:
MEDIAR information services

Using contao web services you can synchronize members, categories, products, articles etc data with external sources.

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