Contao Isotope eCommerce

Contao (formerly TYPOlight)

Isotope eCommerce

Isotope eCommerce is a totally integrated shop system designed to work exclusively with Contao.

What we have Developed for Isotope eCommerce

  • Custom shipment module
  • Automatic Subscription module
  • Upgrade Isotope v1 to Isotope v2
  • Importing third party sources
  • Converting and importing data from Linguistik-Server

For shop admins

  • Define product attributes per product type
  • Define variant attributes and customer-defined attributes
  • Tiered pricing per member group/product variants
  • Send customer emails on order status changes
  • Flexible product rules and cart coupons
  • Define product availability per member group
  • Multilingual setup

For developers

  • Familiar Contao coding standards, not a bridged system
  • Product types are tied to product classes, and designed to be extendable
  • Use product collections for a variety of purposes, not just carts (registry/wish lists/etc)
  • A multitude of pre-defined hooks for customization
  • InsertTags for a variety of product/cart/order data
  • Add custom checkout steps
  • Base classes for shipping and payment modules